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ReAction to Connection - Help for dogs who lunge and bark on leash

A ten week program to help you reconnect with your dog (and your family, friends and neighbors).


The picture you had in mind when you imagined life with your new dog was SO different - relaxed walks, hanging out in the dog park chatting with other like-minded dog guardians while your dog is playing fetch and making new friends.

The reality couldn't be more different. You find yourself hoping for rain because that means that nobody else will be walking their dog. You come home from your walk early because your dog lost it when she saw another dog, and then there was a skateboard, too, and it all became too much. You love your dog but there are moments when it's easy to feel defeated.

How can all the dogs out there walk so nicely on leash and behave perfectly well, but yours is loud and lunging and doesn't listen at all when there are other dogs around?

Let me tell you a secret. All the other guardians with loud and lunging dogs do exactly the same as you do: they go out in the dark only, spy around the corner to make sure that there won't be any surprises, and cut their walks short because it's just too stressful. They are as good at hiding from you as you are from them. And the other dogs? You don't know their dirty little secrets (maybe they eat socks) and the work it has taken to teach them walking politely on leash.

Fact is - having a reactive dog can feel lonely, since chats with the neighbors and other dog lovers are just not in the cards. Yet.

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It's time to turn ReAction to Connection

In my 10 week program we'll take action to get you back to feeling connected with your dog and I will help you understand your dog, will help you and your dog find the joy again of going out on walks together. You will feel supported, connected, and understand that the strategies to use to help your dog remain calm around other dogs.

By taking a both ends of the leash approach we will be looking at how you can feel more calm and confident with your dog, and how you can behave to help your dog. And we'll look at your dog's end of the leash, teaching your dog foundational skills and how to cope and behave differently around other dogs.

Looking at both ends of the leash will help you make long lasting change and


Your 8 week long experience includes:

Private Training (private or virtual)

We'll meet at your home or in your neighborhood. While we bring suggestions on what to cover, we will always be happy to personalize the curriculum based on your puppy's personality and your needs and experience level.

Group Experience

4 x 45 min virtual sessions incl Q&A on Zoom (without your pup)

Bring all your questions about current challenges with your puppy, and learn more about your pup without sacrificing training time. This is a group session for all current puppy clients.

Home Study Course

Get life-time access to a full online home-study course (beta version) with bite sized videos on each training topic and common challenges around raising a puppy, and have access to downloadable handouts - everthing you need to know as a first time puppy guardian. You can learn more about the course curriculum here.

Optional: Field trips

Join us for four field trips (30-45 min long) in the Burnaby area. We'll meet at local stores and parks for your puppy to encounter new experiences, meet other pups and practice their skills in a new environment. This is a group event for up to 4 puppies at a time, and can be booked as a separate add-on.

Puppy Program Light

2 Private Sessions (60 min each)

4 x Zoom Q&A sessions (group sessions without your pup)

Lifetime access to online course

Start anytime (availability permitting)

Optional: Field trip Add-on

Rate: $560 + GST

Field trip Add-On: $150 + GST

Puppy Program Excellence

6 Private Sessions (60 min each)

4 x Zoom Q&A sessions (group sessions without your pup)

Lifetime access to online course

Start anytime (availability permitting)

Optional: Field trip Add-on

Rate: $1040 + GST

Field trip Add-On: $150 + GST

How to get started

Complete the contact form or book a call to inquire about availability and the best service option for you.


Hey, I'm Julia

In my lifelong career of working with animals of different species - from dogs to dairy cows to the occasional kangaroo - and in different capacities - as a vet, as a welfare researcher, and as a trainer - I have learned time and time again that being proactive and preventing problems instead of fixing them saves you a heck of a headache (and money).

This is why I'm passionate about giving you the tools and knowledge for raising a happy, confident and reliable dog right from the start.

Read more about me here.


How long do I have to book my private sessions?

You have 8 weeks to book all your private sessions, starting the date of your orientation session. We encourage you to schedule all sessions in advance, but you can reschedule up to 2 sessions with 24h notice.

What will your puppy learn?

During our orientation session you'll get to choose what behavior challenge we work on (e.g. nipping, crate training, potty training etc.), and we'll cover the very foundations of how to train your puppy. In our regular sessions - other than working on socialization, and exercises to prevent problem behaviors - we'll teach your puppy his first skills. We'll get him started on sit, down, stay, responding to his name really well, come, and leash walking. We are also open to touch on any other behaviors that are important to you, or replace behaviors that you've already taught your puppy with different ones (e.g. if you've already taught your puppy to sit on cue, we can instead work on something else) - that's the beauty of private sessions!

To get a better idea, you can also have a look at the online course curriculum here. (Please note that this is still the beta version of the course and not containing all lessons yet).

Which training methods will we use?

We will use positive reinforcement training, which means that we will reward your puppy (mostly with food) for behaviors that we like. More than that, we'll make sure to create an environment where your puppy will be successful, so that learning is fun and effective. And if your puppy is fearful or not quite sure about something, we'll help her out by making things easier and pairing the scary thing with food so that she learns that it isn't all that bad.

How old should your puppy be?

This is a great program for puppies that are between 8 and 12 weeks old when you first join. We recommend that your puppy has received her first set of vaccinations. If you don't have a backyard we can meet a place where there are few dogs or the risk for dogs eliminating - and with that the risk for infections - is low (e.g. a quiet parking lot).

Where will we meet for private sessions?

We can meet you in your home (virtually or in person), in your backyard or at a local park. Meeting inside your home might be restricted due to Covid-19 regulations (see our updated policies here). Group classes will be held online.