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Are you feeling excited but a little nervous about bringing your new puppy home soon?

Or are you already feeling the puppy blues, not sleeping at night, and tending to the scars on your hand during the day?

Raising a puppy is a lot of work, and sometimes it's hard to know how to keep up. You're busy cleaning up puddles in the corner behind the couch, all the while you also want to make sure that you're training your puppy well, so that she'll grow into that wonderful family member who comes along for the ride, but doesn’t steal food when your friends are over for dinner.

​This is why it is my goal to give you the best start possible! After all, puppy training is so much more than teaching your new family member to sit - it's about getting her ready for a lifelong journey with you.

And in our private puppy program we'll do just that.

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Puppy Training

For puppies 8 - 14 weeks

​Here are a few of the things that we can teach YOU: 

** how to help your puppy adjust after they move in with you

** how to handle common puppy challenges such as house training, puppy biting and chewing

** how to understand what your puppy is telling you

** how to teach your puppy new skills

** what to do when your puppy doesn’t listen

** how to socialize your puppy without making common mistakes that lead to problems later on in life


Here are a few of the things that we can help you teach YOUR PUPPY: 

** foundations for basic but important skills (like sit, down & stay)

** coming when you call them 

** foundations for great leash walking skills 

** being comfortable to stay home alone

** that learning from and with you is fun - so that continuing your puppy’s education is easy

"The puppy program is a great program to get your puppy started on the right path! Julia's advice was incredibly valuable and I truly would have been so lost without her input!"
                                                                    Stephanie and Ollie

Image by freestocks

Want to learn more about which mistakes to avoid when socializing your puppy, and get 10 free potty training tips?

The Puppy Program


In the 3 months puppy program you'll learn how to raise and train your pup throughout the first weeks and months with you. 


We'll meet in your home for private training sessions with your pup, so that you'll get our full attention during training and the certainty that we work on issues that are relevant to you and your puppy. After all, every puppy is different.


In our bi-weekly virtual office hours you have the opportunity to ask questions without taking away from your private training time and to get support on all things puppy training and raising.


And you’ll get life-time access to the Neighborhound Puppy School All Access Pass so that you don't have to worry about taking any notes or sharing what you've learned with your partner or family.

Puppy Program Lite

2 Private Sessions (60 min each)

Access to virtual office hours for one month

Lifetime access to online course

Start anytime (availability permitting)

Rate: $479 + GST

Puppy Program Excellence

6 Private Sessions (60 min each)

Access to virtual office hours for a 3 month period

Lifetime access to online course

Start anytime (availability permitting)

Rate: $995 + GST

Get in touch today to learn more & save your spot.

Payment plans available.

"Now, after the puppy program, I am not worried about taking Norman to other people's houses and am so grateful that Norman is so calm, patient and is able to entertain himself and understand basic commands.

I loved the focus on positive reinforcement, and the understanding of setting up Norman for success. And I very much appreciated how each session was personalized to Norman's needs. In the beginning he was very energetic and wild, and working on rewarding Norman's calm behaviours was a significant pay off."                                                       Kim and Norman

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