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The picture you had in mind when you imagined life with your dog was SO different - relaxed walks, hanging out in the dog park and chatting with other like-minded dog owners, all while your dog is playing fetch and making new friends. 


Reality couldn't be more different. 

You find yourself hoping for rain because that means that nobody else will be walking their dog. 

You come home from your walk early because your dog lost it when she saw another dog, and it just became too much. 

You ask yourself how all the other dogs out there walk so nicely on leash and behave perfectly well, but yours is loud and lunging and just won’t listen at all when there are other dogs around.

Let me share a secret. 

All the other guardians with loud and lunging dogs - they do exactly what you do: 

They go out late at night only, spy around the corner to make sure that there won't be any surprises, and cut their walks short because it's just too stressful. They are as good at hiding from you as you are from them. 

And the well-behaved dogs you see? You don't know their dirty little secrets (maybe they bite when you try snuggling up on the couch) and the hard work it has taken to teach them to walk politely on leash.

In other words: Even though having a reactive dog can feel really lonely, you’re not alone. And you’re certainly not the only one in this stressful situation that impacts your life in all imaginable ways.

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Reactive Dog Training

For dogs who lunge, bark and growl at other dogs

Image by Catherine Heath

The program: ReAction to Connection

This is why I’ve designed a program just for dedicated dog guardians like you, so that you can take action to rebuild the connection between you and your reactive dog. We’ll work together towards just having a normal dog walk again, helping your dog feel good but not frustrated about other dogs, and getting everyone else to also see your dog’s goofy, cuddly and beautiful side that is hiding behind the big bark. 

Here are a few of the things that we can teach YOU: 

** tweaks to your routine, home environment and walks that make a difference, fast

** understanding your dog and her motivation for the behavior

** how YOU can behave to support your dog best 

** how to enjoy your walks more, despite the challenge

** what to do when your dog loses it, and how to calm her down more quickly 

** activities during and in between walks to help your dog (and you) cope and recover


Here are a few of the things that we can help you teach YOUR DOG: 

** walking past other dogs calmly

** paying attention to you, even in distracting situations

** walking on leash without pulling

** increase confidence and patience

** feeling more positive (and less frustrated or worried) about seeing other dogs

Image by Daniela Kalwarowskyj

"Worth every penny... and I mean it - the training is an investment in both my dog's and my mental well-being.

I got in touch with Neighborhound Dog Training because of my dog's reactivity around other dogs (lunging, barking, whining and sometimes snapping) and how stressful walking with my dog felt. I’m really proud now that Lu is checking in with me when other dogs are close by, and how I've learned to use games and toys to help Lu recharge and integrate after training."

Erin and Lu

What’s included


My goal is for you to feel supported, less alone, and more confident in helping your dog be calm around other dogs. This is why we’ll bring the best of private training and group sessions together. 


In the initial consult and private sessions, we’ll have plenty of time to focus on you and your dog, your specific situation and needs so that we employ the best fitting training plan and exercises.


In the virtual group sessions we’ll talk more about your end of the leash, and discuss important concepts to understand that will help you on your walks. We might also practice some basic skills with your dog that are better learned in a home environment than when out and about. 


Here are the details:


Initial consult (can be booked separately)

    Private session with Julia - in your home or virtually (approx. 90 min)

    Assessment of your dog


    Training plan

    Relevant videos and training instructions on topics covered during consult


3 month training program

    4 private sessions with Julia - in person or virtual (approx. 45-60 min)

    4 virtual small group sessions (on Zoom; 45-60 min)

    Support and training feedback between sessions (e.g. office hours, feedback on training progress)

    Video vault, with videos covering theory and exercises for you and for your dog

Initial Consult: $ 275 + GST

3 month Training Program: $995 + GST

Reactive Dog package (IC + 3 month program): $1195 + GST

(Payment plan available)

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