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*UPDATED: 14 June 2021*

With scheduling and participating in an in-person training session you confirm that you :

  • do not have symptoms of COVID-19

  • have not traveled outside of Canada within the last 14 days

  • have not been identified by Public Health as a close contact of someone with COVID-19

  • have not been told to isolate by Public Health

In case you feel ill or show any symptoms of Covid-19 please get in touch and we will reschedule your session free of charge.


In person sessions preferentially take place outside or virtually, but home visits are now an option as well.


Outside meetings:

We will maintain physical distance of 2 m if at all possible, and wear a face mask if physical distancing can not be maintained for any reason.


In home visits:

For in home visits we require that all persons in the room wear a face mask, and that at least one window is opened for improved ventilation. We will move and touch as little as possible and utilize hand sanitizer before we enter your home and frequently throughout our visit.


Handling your dog:

We will reduce handling your dog to the minimum and instead demonstrate training techniques and exercises with a toy dog. In the rare circumstance where handling your dog provides benefits to learning, we will attach our own leash and use hand sanitizer beforehand.


Provided items:

Any items we provide during the session (e.g. dog slow feeder) are disinfected and cleaned before the session and we encourage you to not touch them.


Hand sanitizer will be provided, and face masks will be available should you forget to bring your own.


**In case that BC Health authorities are further restricting or prohibiting in-person meetings, all in-person meetings will automatically be changed to online meetings using Zoom. Refunds will not be available.**

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