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Service policies

Please read carefully through the terms & conditions. A full version of these will be provided and need to be signed within the intake process.

1. Guarantees given: We guarantee that we support you and your dog to the best of our ability, with respect and kindness, and to provide professional dog training & behavior services. However, we cannot ethically provide guarantees for results pertaining to your dog’s behavior.

2. Registration Policy:  An intake form must be completed and signed at least 48 h hours before a first private in person or virtual training session.

3. Payment policy: Payment must be received within 48 h of booking a training program, initial consult, or training session, or the session will be canceled. If full payment has not been received at least 48 h before a training session is scheduled, the session will be canceled. If you are on a payment plan, and payment is not made in a timely fashion for any reason, Neighborhound Dog Training may suspend participation in the Training Program until the account is brought current. 

4. Cancellation Policy: To maintain a high level of service we are unable to offer refunds. However, we understand that life happens and cancellations up to 48 h before the session can be rescheduled within the calendar month or duration of a training program. Cancellations within 48 h before the session will not be refunded. Exemptions may apply if you or your dog become sick or injured and are not able to participate in the training session. 

5. Expiry of prepaid training sessions: Sessions of a program must be completed within the set program duration. The date of your first session marks the first day of this timeframe. 

Initial consults and single booked sessions expire 30 days after the originally scheduled date.

Any unused training sessions beyond the expiry date will not be refunded. Exemptions may apply if your or your dog becomes sick or injured and is not able to participate in the training session. 

6. Methods and equipment used: Neighborhound Dog Training promotes and teaches the use of positive reinforcement training. We may use food, play, and praise to motivate your dog. Neighborhound Dog Training does not use and does not allow the use of the following methods and tools during training sessions: physical punishment (e.g. "corrections'', leash jerks), yelling and other psychological intimidation, slip leashes, prong collars, e-collars, or other methods and tools designed to inflict harm. Please check AnimalKind Standards (Standard 2) for a full list of methods and tools not used. 

8. Covid-19: With scheduling and participating in an in-person training session you confirm that you do not have symptoms of COVID-19 have not been told to isolate by current Public Health orders. In case you feel ill or show any symptoms of Covid-19 before a scheduled session please get in touch and we will reschedule your session free of charge.

In case that BC Health authorities are further restricting or prohibiting in-person services all in-person meetings will automatically be changed to online meetings using Zoom. Refunds will not be available.

9. Photo and Video release: We love sharing your success stories (and your dog's cuteness)! We promise that we're always respectful and that if at all possible will confirm with you first before taking any photos or videos, including written consent by you during our intake process.

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