Private Training

  • We teach you how to train your dog - and what to do when she doesn't listen

  • Perfect for you if your dog or you are feeling overwhelmed by group classes

  • For 100% expert attention and training solutions specific to your situation

  • We meet you and train your dog where it matters - in your home and local dog park

  • Includes email follow-up, written instructions and video examples, and email support

  • ​In person services are available in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody and East Van. All services are also available online.

Dog Training - Manners Tune Up

Do you have a dog who is great except for this one behavior that he has trouble with? Or a friendly dog who skipped puppy school and is finally ready to tackle those manners that make living together so much easier? Whether it is one specific behavior you need help with or a complete private manners class - we're here for you!

Specific topics & behaviors we can help with:

* leash walking (stop pulling)

* coming when called

* listening outside

* greeting guests politely

* the basics: sit, down, stay, leave it

Manners Tune-Up Mini:

3 x 60 min: $330 + GST

Manners Tune-Up Complete:

5 x 60 min: $ 545 + GST

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Fearful and reactive dogs

If your dog is fearful or anxious, or lunges and barks at other dogs and people on walks, a behavior consult is right for you.

In our 75 min. initial consult we assess your dog's behavior and put together a training plan. You'll receive a full report of the assessment, training recommendations and we'll get you started on training exercises. Depending on our assessment we will suggest which training package is right for you.

We can help with:

* shy, anxious and fearful dogs

* reactive dogs who lunge, bark & growl when seeing other dogs or people

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Initial consult (90 min): $150 + GST

Follow Up training


3 x 60 min: $330 + GST

5 x 60 min: $545 + GST